Editorial stuff, like Vi - de

Dear fellow Doricians,

I am wondering wether there is an elegant solution when a whole section can be removed from a performance — that’s something quite common in the opera world… Some scores have multiple bits that can be played or removed, according to the needs of the stage director. I often see a hook with Vi at the start of the cuttable section, which ends with -de and a closing hook.
Do I have to find a workaround for this, or is it somewhere I do not know ? I could not find a glyph in the Bravura glyph site.

Thanks in advance !

Hey, MarcLarcher!
I’m in the same situation as you… and what I do is to create “Vi–” “–de” with Shift+X, at the moment… But it would be so useful to specify its length just as a dynamic like “cresc.” works (two draggable dots)! Then you could print two different versions, the complete one and the one without “Vide” sections.

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Hi Mark. I’m wanting to do this - wanting to insert vi…de in an opera part but without deleting the original in case it’s reinstated. Did you find a good solution in the end?

Hi James.
I think I used system text (alt-shift-x) — that’s what I would do if I needed it now.

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