Editors and Mixers won't open.

When I try to open editors or mixers in Cubase 7.5, nothing happens until I click on something else like preferences or device setup, then they are there. They are not hiding behind anything. I have juster started using a secong monitor, which I thought could be the problem, but I have disconnected that and it still does it.
I’m using a iMac on OS X 10.9.5
Any help would be appreciated.
Peter Barnfather

Are you using a Magic Trackpad by any chance? I’ve found that sometimes I can get these odd behaviours with sometimes (it thinks I haven’t completed a double-click, etc.)

Aloha P, and welcome to the board. E’ Komo Mai’.

started using a secong monitor but I have disconnected that and it still does it.

1-Did you have this behavior before connecting the 2nd monitor?
Perhaps something got written and in spite of the disconnection is still affecting your set-up.

Try this:

2-Move your Cubase ‘Preference Folder’ to the desktop and re-start Cubase. DO NOT DELETE IT!!! Just move it.
(Cubase will make a fresh new one)
3-If the prob goes away you have a corrupted or at least a changed Pref folder.
4-If the prob is still there it is something more major.

Try this, see what happens and then get back to us on results.

Good Luck!

Hi Peter Barnfather,

please take a look at this article:

Maybe it helps.