Edits cause second window to jump to page 1

I’ve found that keeping a second window open in Print view is the easiest way to work on layout & engraving while being able to reference clearly how those changes look on the final page.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t actually work out so well, because every edit causes the Print view to jump up to page 1. I would really appreciate it if the behavior was for that Print view to stay on the page number that it was already on, even if the edit caused notes to re-flow.

This isn’t something that we expect users to do. Why not have a separate window in Engrave mode with an appropriate zoom level, and then hold down the ` key when you want to preview how it will look without seeing any of the “invisibles” (like frame margins, etc.)?

I’ve been giving the ` key a try, but I find it slightly cumbersome, having to hold down a key for as long as I want to see what the music actually looks like.

I’d rather be able to scroll through the pages and zoom freely while previewing the final look (preferably always visible without extra work), which is difficult to do when holding down an extra key.

To me, the extra window feature seems like it’s asking for such a usage.

The ability to use the ’ as a toggle would help, I guess… With the clear indication of “use at your own risk!”… :wink:


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For that idea, this thread from last month.

Cool! I had read that thread, buit forgotten about it!
Thx! :+1: