Edits in dynamics lane disappear


I’m having a problem with the dynamics lane, and it looks that it’s related to independent voice playback and the different endpoints that I’ve set up for each voice. Each time I edit the dynamics lane, my edits disappear and won’t take any effect. The funny thing is that if I switch to another playback template, those edits that previously disappeared are there. You can see in the following project my random envelopes when switching to Silence or any other playback template.
I’m showing in this video what the problem is:

Dynamics lane disappearing.dorico.zip (1.64 MB)

Sorry for not responding to this post sooner. I just wanted to let you know that this problem should be resolved in the next version of the software. We have been continuing to work on the editing of data in the various lanes in Play mode, and so far as I can tell we have already resolved this problem.

Thank you for the reply Daniel! I’ll wait for the next version to have this fixed, then.