edl and more than 4 audio track reconform

i guys,

i would like use reconform in nuendo 7, but the edl files can’t export more than 4 tracks.
da vinci resolv export edl with just one…
how do you get edl files with a lot of audio track to reconform?
can i merge 2 or more edl to get more audio tracks?

thanks for your answers, i’m lost in this feature who appear very interesting

Here’s another topic about reconform…
Edl must be of one video track, not audiotracks…

This topic is hot, we talk a lot here.
I guess you are talking about conforming location audio not reconforming to picture changes.
And yes, you are right. When using the reconform feature to conform audio, video editors need to use tracks 1-4 only. I don’t know a workaround.

I dont quite get The problem so please do try to explain what you want to achieve and how you expect to do it.
I use reconformm for various things rather often so I thought may be able to help.
But your question is unclear. Please rephrase.