EDL Auto Conform for Win 7 Nuendo 5.5

I’ve been through the boards and have not found software I can use.

Vitual Katy is N4 only

Titan is Mac only

Conformalizer is ProTools only

ReConformer is ProTools only

EdiTrace Auto has not responded

Maisch Conformer test project seemed to work, but i have no idea what it did or how it did it.



  • 1 if I understand your request correctly, I uploaded and inserted an EDL and it dumped into the middle of my timeline, and was not in any order, could be user error, its my first go at this -

Maisch Conformer test project seemed to work, but i have no idea what it did or how it did it

ok , I´ll try to explain:
you have an EDL representing the picture changes, it will probably look like this:

001 DVCAM_25 V C 10:00:00:00 10:00:04:23 10:00:00:00 10:00:04:23

    002 DVCAM_25 V C 10:00:05:11 10:00:07:22 10:00:04:23 10:00:07:09
    003 DVCAM_25 V C 10:00:08:24 10:00:11:23 10:00:07:09 10:00:10:08

The four timecodes in a row represent: old_version-in old_version-out new_version-in new_version-out.
Maisch Conformer will remote control Nuendo/Cubase/Pro Tools and edit the session accordingly.
Therefore you have to enter an offset for the destination time to avoid overlapping edits.

With an offset of 10h it will do the following edits:
copy from 10:00:00:00-10:11:04:23 to 20:00:00:00-20:11:04:43
copy from 10:00:05:11-10:00:07:22 to 20:00:04:23-20:00:07:09
copy from 10:00:08:24-10:00:11:23 to 20:00:07:09-20:00:10:08

At the first launch of Maisch conformer you will need to install and load a set of keycommands.
Then right click the VST performance window to set it to “always on top”.
And here is a small demonstration video showing Maisch Conformer:
HTH, don´t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions!


After talking with Bernhard his system seems to be the one to go with. Anyone have any experience with Maisch?

Hoping to pull the trigger for a new film I’m mixing.