EDL import and ReConform

Hi Everyone

I’m trying to open an EDL file (on Mac), but it’s greyed out. I’m sure that it’s an *.edl (exported from Avid) and it has only one video track etc.
Any ideas why Nuendo can’t recognise the file? Is there any tricks or extra settings what editor should use during export or…?
I also added screenshot from txt edit - does it seem correct?
I’m working on a project already and as I know there will be changes and I really would like to get this fantastic ReConforming option work somehow.

That EDL looks good on the screenshot. Is it greyed out in the open dialog finder window?
Nuendo tries to open any file with an edl extension, if it is broken an error message apears.
You can send me the edl if you like.

Thank you for a hint!
I changed a default app for opening EDL files (Change All…) in finder for what ever… and changed it back (Open with: TextEdit) and I’m able to open all my EDL files. Nice!