EDL Reconform from Premiere...any tips?

I going to need to Reconform for a project that needs some video edits. The editor has never exported an EDL and I’ve never worked with one. From watching this video:

I’m guessing he needs to export a video EDL before the edits and then another one AFTER the edits? If anyone has done this successfully from Adobe Premiere, can you please post what settings to use for export? Thank you very much!

So these worked pretty well. Except for the last one which gave me issues. The editor gave me a “before” and “after” for each change. He was a afraid to do it all in “one shot.” Do most of you using Reconform do it “all in one shot?”

I always do all in one shot (every time I need to produce a new version)
With the AVID list tool you can deselect everything but edits and leave all fades, effects, etc. out of the video edl. Don’t know about Premiere.

I have yet to get a properly formatted fully functional EDL from editors using premiere…
Don’t know if it is the program or the editors using it that suck…
Avid EDLs almost daily, rarely a problem, if ther are they are almost always user error.

We couldn’t figure out why the one file didn’t work. But I was glad to only have to do one manual edit.