(EDM) - AxelB - Preserve myself

AxelB - Preserve myself (feat. Vandaniel)

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Made with Cubase 8 PRO.


I like some bits of this and it’s on the right track for the genre, structure-wise.
I think the vocalist is too strained and quite out of tune for a lot of the track.
The piano sounds more honky-tonk than EDM
The Van Buuren style chops could be a bit crisper.
The “glitch bits”, say at 1:30 could do with more/faster panning effect on them - they didn’t disturb my head enough.
A bit critical, I know, but it’s a nice fun track overall.

I like criticism, thanks

Didn’t mean it to come out so negative. I was typing while I listened in a separate window, so it was a flow of thoughts instead of a sensibly constructed response.
I did feel that a better choice of piano would have improved the track and slightly sharpening the chops would have added to the separation & energy of the track. Ditto the glitch bits - capturing the panning of those crisply is one of the key things that I like in EDM (by artists such as Andy Hunter).
Apologies that it came over as critical & not constructive.