EDM midi styles not showing up

I installed cubase 7.5 on my C-drive , but still no EDM midi loops to see in the media bay
What is going wrong here ?

Im assuming you are looking for the new EDM toolkit??

in the file tree browser of media bay on the left, if you click the + next to VST sound, is it not listed there?

Hello, thanks
It is listed the edm tool, but i can’t see the content… the folders are empty for this Cubase 7.5 crap

I have personally not used the EDM toolkit, so don’t know what file types are contained within. Given that you can see the file but not the contents, the only thing I can think of is you have a file type selected in the filter that is not contained in the Toolkit.

Missing content in Cubase:


You must open the folder & select each subfolder individually or they won’t show…

  1. click on one of the subfolders within EDM\MIDI Loops…, on the left tree…(ex: 1984 Crew 120BPM)
  2. Now, make sure your “Search” result in the middle panel is set to…“MIDI Loops”

Now, the contents of that folder should show in the list…

I find it strange that Media Bay doesn’t show them unless you select each one seperately…hmmm!

Thanks!.. has this to do with windows 7 ?

It has to do with whether you install “for all users”, or “single user”…and if you install subsequent updates in the same way. So it’s both a w7 and Cubase issue.

The link and video is only for restoring missing presets, it doesn’t explain how to show & play the hidden EDM Toolkit files in Media Bay…as you asked!

Nor, does it explain why the subfolders files don’t appear in the search results even though you’ve set the filter to MIDI Loops…unless you select each folder individually. It must be some sort of bug in Media Bay, lol?!

That is not likely to aspect a bug in Mediabay from Steinberg :slight_smile:
Probably has it to do with the way of installing …as suggested here … i am not aware of this

And "missing content"why makes that this content is missing …

Depending on which way you installed cubase "user only " - “all Users” there are two different locations for the files to be installed , now if you have installed the EMD files into the opposite place to which you have installed you Cubase then you need to move those files to the correct directory for Cubase to see them .

Thanks… i reinstalled cubase 7.5 for “all users” and the media bay shows now only bass midiloops from EDM toolkit :mrgreen:
Yes, probably then the other part of the EDM files are installed as "user only " in the past?.. i removed cubase 7.5 and did a fresh reinstall, so someone might be aspecting that all Media bay file locations are removed now.
This seems to be not the case ?
How to get rid off all (old)Cubase 7.5 installation files on my computer ?, because in the past i dit also a reinstall of Cubase 7.5 on a another drive than C , but then i reinstall Cubase 7.5 on the C drive (SSD) again ( what i not wanted ) , because i purchased a new hybrid drive (SSHD) and that is hopefully fast enough for Cubase 7.5 and has a lot of space too

I use also HALion 5 and Halion Sonic 2 and i was not aware of too: “all users” or “user only”
The best is to remove all installations …

I removed all files from Steineberg with REVO unistaller and now do a fresh install.
of Cubase 7.5 on the H drive (SSHD)…assuming all files are removed, but no…see hereunder
I open Cubase 7.5 and get the error VST Sound Library "Halion Sonic Factory Preset1!"not found
C:/Users|douma|AppData\Roaming|Steinberg|Content|VST Sound|FCP_SMT_057_HS_VST3_presets_01.vstsound

Seems that Cubase 7.5 is searching on the C /drive for .vstsound (VST3 preset)… i installed Cubase 7.5 on a H drive … is this the cause that it cannot find the VST3 presets?
It seems that during the installation a path to the C drive is made by the installer.

Strange that i cannot install Cubase 7.5 on a another drive than the C: drive

doesn,t matter if i install Cubase 7.5 on th eC: drive… i ge the same error for a missing VST3 sound
Somewhere on my computer is a configurationfile left what construct this wrong path ?
How to remove all installer data of Cubase…i did it with REVO, but it is not thoroughly enough
Terrible this…i don’t have knowledge from Cubase 7.5 under the hood and possible that Cubase 6.5 is normal working with the media bay

Yes, Windows 7 and 8 but I suspect the same principle applies to Macs as well, though the method may vary somewhat. I’ve never used a Mac so can’t really say.

I don’t know what to do now…how to get Cubase 7.5 working with the mediabay when i use 2 hard drives
I am stuck with Cubase…