[EDM Producers] Have you tested ableton live ?

Hello guy,
For those who are waiting for more sound design feature from cubase.
Have you tested Ableton Live ?
I think seriously to switch on, but i’m affraid of the workflow.
What is your experience with it ? (i already know the pros, i just want to know if there are cons)

Ableton Live is great, mostly when you start a song, you can easily experiment and find nice ideas, it is very flexible and well thought IMO.

However, further on, when you work on the details of the song more seriously in the arrange page, writing automation, midi and audio editing, mixing etc., then I find Cubase better, and I find ableton becomes very confusing on big projects and not as flexible as cubase.

I’ve tried both, and I ended up keeping cubase, because I like the workflow better. However the fx racks in ableton with the macro controls features is really great and missing in cubase, also I like the way it handles groove templates, the simpler sampler, the clips in session view and some other very well laid out plugins. A lot of edm producers use ableton, and i find it great to start a song’, but I prefer cubase to finish the song.

To be honest I’m actually considering buying FL Studio (Beware you can’t buy fl studio second hand). Because you can use it inside cubase as a plugin. It has the Patcher function which would allow me to build some sort of macro control, and the FL Studio producer edition has automation clips. So maybe this would give me the best of both worlds. Because obviously we are not going to have any macro control, automation clip or whatever nice feature like that in cubase until one or two years minimum.

Maybe this thread should be moved to the lounge section.

worth to check the modular environment of MuTools http://www.mutools.com/mux-product.html if u need these kind of features, the new 6.1 version has much better look and feel than the previous ones :wink: yepp the arrangement view of Live is PITA if u compare it with the Cubase one

For sound design Bitwig looks even better than Ableton. Lots of modulation options, even vst’s can be modulated.

i could have easily wrote this answer myself, including the FL studio part.

there’s one thing that puts me off using FL as a plugin, please correct me if this has changed: it is not possible to use keyboard shortcuts when FL is used rewired or as a plugin (it used to be possible with some ancient version of FL, then all of a sudden it stopped working with all consecutive versions). i’m a big keyboard shortcut person and this is outweighing the benefits of rewire for me.

Didn’t know about this shotcut problem when using FL Studio inside cubase. It’s good to know about it. I’m waiting hopefully for the holiday sale from Image line to buy FL Studio 11 and I’ll keep you posted about it.

Thank you. Just to be clear, I meant I could not use FL’s own shortcuts when in rewire mode (Cubase’s work fine).