EDM Trance wishlist

Hi there!

I’ve purchased Cubasis for my iPad3 and are very happy to see this development.
I already use Cubase 5 on my PC and I create Ambient and Trance.
Of course I understand the limitations of a mobile device, I use the 3rd gen iPad with 64 Gb.
I love the Korg and other synths and am very happy Cubasis is able to use these synths.

I also purchased Auria, a wonderful 48 tack mixer with automation and very awesome plugins, plus extra plugins avaiable in the inApp store. I’d like to combine my PC Cubase 5, Auria and iPad Cubasis to create a professional tracks for the future.

These apps are always pretty much aimed towards the mainstream music scenes but to be able to create a convincing trance track you need a lot of good plugins and techniques.
I know Auria is already busy processing their “wishlist” like automation on the PSP compressor, automation on the EQ is already possible.

It would be awesome to have the following on Cubasis for the iPad:

  • Sidechaining.
  • automation for the EQ, compressor(for ducking), volume, etc. but also get the possibility to get automation on the cutoff, resonance filters on for example the Sunrizer synth.
  • the possibility to use subgroups so you can direct tracks to the subgroups and use inserts and sends for multiple tracks.
  • inApp Store purchases, so if you want to produce EDM you buy the stuff you really need to get a convincing track but if you’re creating rock orientated music you need different plugins, so you buy other plugins that suit you. But you do not have to put everything in Cubasis and have to compromise quality. In the Auria inApp Store you can buy a Phatfilter EQ just if the native EQ is not giving the desired result.

There are of course more things that will be realized after updates but it would be awesome if the fundamental things like automation, etc would work on all plugins which could be purchased via the store and that the project could be work with Cubase on the PC/Mac.

I have big hopes for this app because I have worked with different midi apps on the iPad like Gemone Midi but I missed the audio possibility and for my music genre I need pretty processed kicks and other samples.

I hope Steinberg will not disappoint me with this very promising app.

Thanks and take this app to the next level.



Hi Zwoekie,

Thank you for your detailed suggestions! :slight_smile:

Hi Carlos :smiley:

I really hope you can do something with it, because it will be the difference between a nice midi/audio app for the iPad or an awesome one that has the power and techniques to deliver real professional music created on a mobile device. :smiley:
The interesting thing is that Auria’s approaches the music production, for now, from the audio side only. Midi etc is on the wishlist. While Steinberg does the opposite, Steinberg focuses on midi. Both apps will grow towards each other and will probable meet in the middle, and my goal is to use them both. But the iPad has the power to create a convincing professional music track. EDM has its special techniques like Sidechaining, automation, subgroups etc and with the synthesizer apps available for the iPad plus processed drumsamples from Vengeance for example you could create awesome tracks without even using a computer. Or at least create a very good basis for a track.
In EDM everything evolves around Sidechaining, automation, excellent reverbs, delays, compressors, etc therefore a third party plugin available in an inAppStore will be great feature.

I really hope this app will grow and will show its full potential for producers of different genres.
It will always be a mobile app but a lot is already possible right now, look at the Korg iPolisix or Amplitube. It must be possible to mix/master a project made on the iPad or your PC/Mac on the couch or on a bench in the park :smiley:

I will be creating trance/ambient and progressive and hope Cubasis will get it done! :wink: