eDrum Controllers - Roland MISSING? WTF

I just bought full version of GA5 after watching a YT video showing how easy it was to use with eDrums (Yamaha ones, mind you).
I thought Groove Agent would be a great alternative to Superior Drummer for “laptop playing” with my Roland kit.
Well, as many here are probably aware, there are only 3 options in the very promising edrum polygon icon at the bottom of the interface. None which are Roland.

Has anyone successfully been able to play the kits in GA 5 with a Roland TD module?

If Steinberg are leaving out Roland for “that” reason, they are seriously missing a HUGE market… :frowning:

Hi Metrosuperstar
Did you manage to find a Roland preset to use in Groove Agent 5?

No, and I regret buying it :frowning:

Superior Drummer 3 is really THE only software I would say thats truly wonderfully playable with eDrums at the moment… and they keep releasing expansion packs. That one is DEF worth buying.