EDU License upgrade?

So I think i may be in a bit of a pickle
My Cubase 5 license is educational (from when i was being educated :slight_smile:, but sadly i have since entered the real world
And I was wondering what the upgrade path to attain a “normal” license of cubase 6 would be (from an educational license of version 5) ??
I think i may be S-O-L and have to buy a full version of 6, but would be delighted to hear that i could in fact upgrade (or at least get a some sort of a discount…) :question: :question: :question:

It is not like the edu version was a steal in comparison to retail (like many Logic edu versions… )
Fingers Crossed (because come February i am going have a whole lot of drums to edit :wink:

You can buy a upgrade from Cubase 5 to Cubase 6, so no Full version.

oh i mean i just care about having a Cubase 6 license that isn’t an educational one – so would it just be a standard upgrade
(some companies shun upon academic crossgrades/upgrades – which is a bummer - IE APPLE and logic)

if steiny is cool with it – i will just add it to the list reasons I love cubase

I’m pretty sure your EDU license counts as a full version and upgrades to the normal full version of C6. I believe I read that concerning upgrades from C4 to C5 when it came out.

oh that would be righteous!

I think that is an awesome perspective (especially if it’s official by steinberg) for the poor and educated :wink:


short answer: yes, you can!
long answer: yes, if you own an educational license for Cubase 5 you can just go ahead and purchase the regular upgrade from Cubase 5 to Cubase 6 at the regular price. This will also turn your educational license into a regular one.

Happy drum editing with Cubase 6 then. :wink:


ha awesome!!!

(we just won’t tell the drum we edited the crap out of him :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: )

thanks for the quick reply too

if my tally is right this is reason #30007 i left logic for cubase and will never look back

Great job on the update!!!