EDU Version 3.5 and Grace Period

Hey everyone,
I hope you all had a great christmas.
I have some questions about buying the EDU Version of Dorico.

  1. If I buy the EDU Version and I graduate, what will happen to my EDU Version? Can I upgrade with the money which is left to get the non-EDU-Version?
  2. If I get it right, every license for Dorico 3.5 bought at the moment, will get the permanent upgrade to Dorico 4 for free. Does this also apply to Dorico 3.5 Pro EDU to Dorico 4 Pro EDU?

Edit: 3. If I use Dorico 3.5 with an USB-Dongle on multiple devices. Will I be able after getting the upgrade to Dorico 4 to use it with the eLicenser-Software instead of the Dongle?

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If I not mistaken, as soon as you buy an upgrade, it will no longer be the Edu version. You’ll own full Dorico Pro (and upgrades will be regular price)

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Strictly speaking, there isn’t an “education version” but merely education pricing. I’m not aware that there is a significant difference in price for updates anyway. The discount is typically on the front end; ie: when you first buy the product. Updates are always a lower tier of cost, even for non-education customers.

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If you buy Dorico Pro 3.5 at the education price now, you will indeed be entitled to a free update to Dorico Pro 4 when it is released early next year. Dorico 4 will use the new Steinberg Licensing system that will replace both the Soft- and USB-eLicensers, and you will be able to activate Dorico 4 on up to three computers, regardless of whether you are using the Soft- or USB-eLicenser now.

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