Education Competition Upgrade

I work at a music school that has a multiple licens on Sibelius.
Does this qualify, so I can get an education competition upgrade?

Personal and site licenses are handled differently. If you’re inquiring about a site license crossgrade you’ll want to email Daniel directly at d[dot]spreadbury@steinberg[dot]de

We can indeed provide special crossgrade pricing for educational institutions who want to add multiple seats of Dorico. If you let me know where in the world you are, I can try to find the most appropriate specialist reseller to help you.

Hej Daniel.
I live in Denmark in Jutland. I am already in contact with, who has sent me a document to fill out.
In that document, I have to say which type of license I own, but it is not me who owns the license. It is the school who owns the license and allows me to use one of them. So I am in doubt what to answer in this document.

You should be fine: just provide the serial number or System ID on the form for the license you’re using and it should be OK.

Oki. Thank you.