Education Crossgrade eligibility question

Hello, I am new here, I intend to buy Dorico after trying it out.

I currently have an Education license for Finale. Would my educational license be enough proof for me to be eligible for a Dorico cross-grade? Thank you.
Oh, and, as for crossgrade eligibility, non-education, I just need to show proof that I have Finale or Sibelius, right?
Also, how would I upload the proofs of eligibility for crossgrade?

Thank you.

Thanks for trying Dorico! Yes, an educational license for Finale is sufficient for the crossgrade. To submit your proof of eligibility, you can take a screenshot of your Finale serial number, e.g. from the About box in the program, or a copy of an email for the receipt of purchasing the software, or any other reasonable proof. If you want to buy the crossgrade at the educational price, you’ll also need to have some proof of eligibility for our educational pricing too, such as a current student ID card showing your enrolment, or, if you’re a teacher, some proof of employment at a school or other institution.

If you buy from the Steinberg online shop, then you will provide your proof of eligibility during the purchase process. Prepare a single PDF file that contains both your proof of Finale ownership and, if applicable, your proof of educational eligibility, and make sure the PDF is small: if you use e.g. photos from your mobile phone, the PDF may well be very big. Use an online tool to compress your PDF to make it smaller before you upload it.

You may find it simpler to buy Dorico from one of our reseller partners. They will also require proof of eligibility for the discount, but you don’t generally have to run the gauntlet of uploading it to our online shop, which works fine for 99% of people but occasionally somebody does run into problems (normally because the PDF they’re trying to upload is too big, and the site doesn’t provide very helpful errors). The other possible advantage from buying from one of our partners is that they may offer a slightly lower price than our suggested retail price.

Is this trolling???

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