Education/crossgrade verification help

I’m trying to verify my education/crossgrade eligibility for dorico pro 2. My last attempt failed and I understand why, I now feel I have sufficient evidence and have submitted it Only problem is it doesn’t appear to be registering, it goes back to the same page at the start where you have to upload the documentation, which I have just done. No verification email has come through either. I’m doing this in australia as well so there is limited support avalible for dorico/steinberg. I’m hoping to use dorico to compose these next two weeks getting ready for school so any help is really appreciated!
Please see attached screenshot for info.

Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with the verification process. I expect the issue might be that your PDF or other form of verification is too large in terms of file size. I recommend you prepare a single PDF that contains everything you need to provide, then run it through a tool like this to ensure it’s as small as possible, then try uploading it again.

hey daniel, I’ve done that, it’s still going to the same page.

Try emailing eduproof at steinberg dot de and include your PDF, asking for help with the process. Sorry that I’ve not been able to help more!

thanks Daniel, I’ve been able to get in contact with someone now, thanks for your help!!