Education discount time-out?

In September, I should qualify for an education cross-grade from Finale to Dorico
If my contract as a teacher is not renewed the following year, do I have to renew the justification?

I mainly use Sibelius 6, as I also run an XP laptop and I’m too old to learn The Ribbon!

You only need to be eligible for the education price at the time of purchase: subsequent to that, any updates etc. are bought at the same price as any other customer (i.e. there is no edu pricing for updates and upgrades).

Our official minimum requirement is Win 8, but we know of many people who run it successfully on Win 7.
On the other hand, I’ve never heard of anyone running it on Vista or XP. But you could get yourself the Dorico Trial (its the full version just time limited to 30 days) and see if it does.