Education sheet: wishlist regarding this task

The left page is for the teacher, the right page for the student. To build this with different flows and different players went perfectly. (I did it like the example with Ravels piano piece for 2 players in Daniels video). Instead of using textframes for the titles of every task I “miss-used” the tempo-text. When it is possbile to adress the flow-infos from the project-info field via {@…@} I would prefer this way of course. (I know, it is not possible yet for different flows on the same page.)

Since the student gets only the beginning of the little pieces, the other bars have to stay empty. Regarding this I need to hide some rests and to force all bars in the same width. Any technic without the need of hiding something would be also great.

I know, some of these issues are already mentioned in the board, I know that these things are mostly not possible yet. The only reason I write this, is to show an example for empty staffs, half-filled bars and so on. Please forgive me Daniel. The left page looks already perfect.
education sheet test.png