Education Update Price for students?

Hi Daniel

At the moment, I am aware that there is a reduced education crossgrade price, but not an upgrade price. Like most students studying Level 3 qualification and just about to go off to uni, I am fairly skint and would appreciate a discount when updating. It is quite odd that I don’t have to pay ‘full wack’, as it were, when initially buying a Steinberg product, but do for the upgrades from version to version at the same level (e.g. Pro 3.5 to Pro 4). You have won my loyalty, so a small discount would be nice.

Is there any plan or ability to do this for v.4 onwards?

Thanks and best wishes,


We don’t have any plans to introduce educational pricing for updates, I’m afraid. I understand that €99 can be a lot of money to find for a student, and I’m sorry if it prices you out of the update for the time being. We do run promotions on our products from time to time, including updates, and although we don’t have anything specific in the calendar just yet, I think it’s very likely that at some point towards the end of this year you will have the opportunity to buy the update at a reduced price.

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Ok. Fair enough if you are abolishing paid point updates.