Educational Licence

I am currently having a very bad feeling about buying Dorico licences.

I tried to buy one educational licence a week ago. I uploaded all the required documents. There was no indication on the web page on how to proceed after uploading the documents. I opened a support ticket on the “Steinberg - Customerservice” web site and got the answer that the documents will be looked at within “3 working days”. It is now one week later and I got no response. I responded to the to the support ticket and got the answer that the company responsible for support is not responsible for the handling of the ticket: “We are therefore only responsible for the order and delivery process.” So the “Steinberg - Customerservice” is not responsible for customer service?

I think this is only a users forum, but could despite that someone please tell me who is responsible for what and why is it so hard to buy licences?


Dear HoTell,

Very important people from the Dorico team come here, read everything and provide us with great advice. The problem here is they are busy at NAMM, but do not worry, they will answer you! Be patient :wink:

It sounds like something serious has gone wrong - it sounds like your order didn’t proceed through the upload process at all, or the site would’ve captured your email address and someone would have been in touch.

My advice would be to have another go! Yes, the Dorico team are at NAMM, but the shop team will still be in their usual places and, in my experience, if they say “within 3 working days” they MEAN “within 3 working days”!

Tried it again with different browsers. After I click upload on the “Verification Form” nothing happens.

So “asknet Customer Service” is saying they are not responsible and Steinberg is not responding. I have to say, this is getting too frustrating.

Dear HoTell,

I am sorry to hear, that the verification wasn’t approved yet.
What file format did you upload? JPG and JPEG are unfortunately not possible.
Please also make sure the file is not bigger than 8 MB and that the IP address doesn’t change during the upload process.

I will also send you a PM and ask for your details so that I can check the verification for you.


thanks for your answer.

On the upload form it says “Accepted file types include JPG-, JPEG-, PNG-, GIF-, TIFF- or PDF-files up to a maximum of 8 MB in size.” I uploaded one 1,4 MB JPEG and one 84KB PNG. My IP address is not changing. The page states also that it is “© 2018 asknet AG”.

“asknet AG - Customer Service Center” closed my ticket and declared themselves not responsible: “Our company hosts the online store of the company Steinberg. We are therefore only responsible for the order and delivery process.”

At the moment I am extremely frustrated and I am seriously considering not switching to Dorico although I already had planned to buy 2 licences and asked two teachers to buy licences too. This is taking too much of my time already.

Dear HoTell,

I can totally understand your frustration.

Could you please retry to upload both documents as a PDF file?
I will contact Asknet and ask them to remove the misleading info about the accepted formats.

I am very sorry about the inconvenience.

To sum up:

I told “asknet Support” a week ago that I think the upload form is not working and all they do is wait one week, declare themselves not responsible and close the ticket?

I converted the JPEG file to PDF and uploaded it successfully.

Thank you.

Your request has been approved and you should receive a confirmation email shortly.

I hope this was helpful. Enjoy Dorico.

On the offchance anyone else has trouble with this, I think it might be helpful to know that if the site has problems with your upload, it doesn’t tell you; it just doesn’t proceed to the next screen. But because you have to wait for the documents to be verified after the upload, you don’t necessarily know there’s supposed to be a next screen! I had basically the same issue when I ordered. Funny thing is, I don’t remember there being a size requirement, so this is likely where I was going wrong. I perhaps unwittingly fixed it by taking screenshots of virtual versions of my documents and uploading those, instead of the photos I had taken with my phone’s camera, which were likely very large.

So anyways, yes, if it doesn’t give you an upload confirmation, try changing around file types, sizes, etc. until it works and tells you as much. It’s well worth it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hint, I will see whether Asknet might be able to add a warning which tells the customer that the file is too big or the upload has failed.

For anybody else who comes to this thread looking for help, another option is to purchase Dorico from one of our reseller partners, who will handle the verification of your educational status and/or your qualifying product for a crossgrade without requiring you to run the gauntlet of the AskNet verification service. We are aware that the information provided to you during the verification process is insufficient and I continue to press my colleagues who are responsible for this area to in turn press AskNet for improvement. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and frustration caused.