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Dear Community,

thanks for this program and nice forum.

As a newbie in D2, I would like to ask you for ways to create score and text blocks. Maybe it is possible in dorico only. I use Latex a lot for good paragraph style and such.

How would you
a) write little educational articles (score and text) in dorico2 (if possible)
b) export score for larger contents regarding a complete book


Hi BX.
I’m a XeLaTeX user, as well as a Dorico user. Dorico does not have the text formatting power you find in XeLaTeX, everything has to be made “by hand”. But you can achieve nice results, if you use paragraph styles wisely.
On the other hand, Dorico typesets music beautifully, and can export as graphic element, so you could use music typeset in Dorico as a graphic element in your TeX file.
I have never done what you’re aiming to do (although I have produced several opera vocal scores, opera-bouffe and opera comique — with pages of theater scenes all typeset beautifully in Dorico), but I know some fellow Doricians have done it with Dorico Pro 2.
Hope it helps

Dear Marc,

we spoke some time ago about this, it seems. Thanks for your quick reply again. I tried a bit with the engraving tool in D2, where you can move score freely on a page, as I understand it. I could imagine that this will be sufficient for smaller layouts placing some text blocks individually, too. I have to find out a bit more on that.

Would you personally rather make a snip of the screen or did you experience some way to export score or portions of it as higher resolution graphic file ? One problem with snips is to pay attention on keeping right size on the screen so that they appear in the same fashion (equal scale) in a text book.

Nice to hear that you write larger scores with dorico.

BTW I use texmaker.

THX so much!
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I’ve been able to export a number of examples, each in its own flow and layout with different page sizes set in layout options. Thus you can produce vector graphics with the right size reliably. But it’s probably too much work for a whole textbook.

Personally, I leave the page size as is in Dorico, split the PDF to single-page documents (Automator or some script), and crop each file to its contents (Illustrator, Inkscape).

Still a lot of manual work, but you can’t get around the fact that Dorico isn’t made to layout a book, and Word/Pages/InDesign isn’t made to write music.

Thanks, dear Doricians :slight_smile:)
any way to export some selected measures as graphic file?

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‘Fraid not. You’d need to crop the page in another program.