Educational Pricing

Hi forum and Daniel.

Can’t wait to get my hands on Dorico! Some things in there I have wanted to see for a long time in notation software. ( And many things I never thought of!)

There is no educational pricing on the purchase page as far as i can see. Is educational pricing only going to be available through dealers/boxed versions?

I’m in australia so maybe this particular to my region?


If you follow your nose through the flow from here you should find the educational pricing:

Thanks Daniel.

There are two offerings for the educational crossgrade on the page you link, Daniel, differing only in the price (20 Euros apart)- they are probably meant for teachers and students, respectively, but there is no explicit info anywhere, not even when loading them into the cart. Do teachers apply for the more expensive one? thanks-

The higher price is the box version (includes elicenser)

yes thanks, just found that out in the other thread
(not that that is mentioned on the page itself, though)

Is my Sibelius educational serial number sufficient proof for the Educational Crossgrade? Also, does the Edu/Crossgrade include teachers and if so, what sort of proof is required? Can’t find any info on this, thanks

Went to my Admin Centre at university and asked for a letter of enrolment. When they said it took two working days to get one you can picture my face ( :cry: )

Dug around my emails, finally found an enrolment email, however panicked this might not be enough information.

Sent it off to Steinberg and received a 'Educational Verification Request Successful) email two minutes later (my face was now :smiley: .) Talk about great customer service! I am already a satisfied customer and have been from the very first blog post of Dorico. The team are just clued up. Anyway, here we go - time to download!

yes, it does. I just uploaded a copy of my employment contract, although I remember in another case a monthly salary statement did, as well.