Educational purpose: could be great

it might be nice to be able to do this quickly without a lot of workaround that I know:

  • no clef for all staves (also the 1st)
  • No lines with vertical heuight of 5 lines( to have the repeats height like in the picture

At the moment I always use external software to do this quickly because it requires a lot of workaround in Dorico

(for educational purposes, it would also be good to have the vertical spacing of lyrics by flow and not global as in engraving options)

What is the final purpose of this?
Export as graphical slice to put in a book?

There’s a 0-line Library file on the forum which you can use:

For the other things, you can get invisible clefs by typing “invisible” in the clefs popover (shift-C)


yes I know and have :

But sometimes I duplicate flow and want to have 1 line or line and I must repitch because it comes:

and finally the height of the exercice isis not what I wanted like in the first image at the beginning of this article it becomes:
so always plan in advance which is not always possible because working horizontally as you go is more intuitive: changing an exercise, adding more following feedback from a student, etc.

  • I used the xml workaround but ultimately too long the simplest thing would be to be able to hide lines of staves: no?

I knew the trick when you select a key, but I didn’t know that it also worked with the first key that you cannot select
So great thanks

Use the instruments editor for 1-line instruments, and the Doricolib for 0-line instruments.

Raise the value for the barline petrusion in Engraving Options so it matches what you are looking for.


?? do you mean?? :

I can’t see where I can put that all notes entered becomes a E4 (pitch of the 1-line instrument)?
And when I change to 1-ine I have:
And we can’t move the notes neither in Write or play mode using Alt + arrow up/down key ( We can only move them with drag with the mouse in Play mode and don’t really want this manipulation)
I understand that you answered to my question as I can tell to moves all the notes to B4 when I change the instrument??!!

Top! thanks

Ah yes, you need a different percussion clef, @FredGUnn created one here.


Great thanks again…I will try after some teach lessons.
I used for the moment Ctrl+A to select all the notes then
Shift+I and write

Thanks…a little but not quite.
I would like to change what I have already written into an instrument that has the same sound and midi channel but one line
With change instrument
With images: simpler

2.and by extension
but with same sound
So for the moment I think my solution founded during this discussion is not bad:

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Ah, I wasn’t aware of the sound. I am happy you figured it out!