Educational upgrade?

Hi, Previously I asked if I crossgrade from Sibelius to Dorico, will Dorico be a bit cheaper than just the normal upgrade and Daniel told me they must still look into it.

Daniel, Dorico is INCREDIBLY expensive in MY country with our exchange rate…and I really want Dorico. Are you guys still considering selling an Educational Crossgrade of Dorico?


If I’m not wrong on the educational shop, there is an option "Crossgrade from Sibelius, Finale or Notion (Education) witch in Spain (my country) is about 159€ (digital download version)

I’m a composer student but I do not own any other big notation software (I just got Cubase Pro) but for me is still expensive the education discount alone D:

I hope this was helpful!


Note that you must qualify for an educational discount under Steinberg’s normal eligibility criteria for educational pricing in order to be able to take advantage of the educational crossgrade: it is not sufficient that you have an educational license for the qualifying product (indeed, it doesn’t matter whether your Sibelius, Finale or Notion license is full retail or educational/academic).

I tried to buy the educational version/Sibelius crossgrade, but for some reason my request was denied, despite attaching the eligibility form. I have contacted asknet customer help, and they told me to contact Steinberg directly. Which I now have done. Hopefully they will help me with this matter, but do you have any ideas what might be the problem?

I have Dorico 1 which I got as a crossgrade from Sibelius and also with the extra educational discount. On the Dorico website it gives a price for upgrading from Dorico 1. Is there any extra discount for having a music educational post?

Dear JanSteele,
Everybody has to pay the same fee for the upgrade. But an educational version becomes a commercial one after upgrade.

Ok - thanks Marc.