Educational worksheet template

Here’s a template I made for an educational worksheet in Dorico.

Dorico worksheet template

It’s slightly different than the Steinberg one that John B made, though it uses many of the same concepts. The system text is aligned to the beginning of the system, which is a feature that requires at least 3.5.10 to work.

If anyone has suggestions for improvements, let me know. The link above is dynamic, so it’ll update as I make changes.

Also, here’s another link to a worksheet that contains all the basic Roman numeral analyses (diatonic at least). You’ll need the Finale Numerics font for it. The Roman numerals are entered as staff text… you can copy and paste them into your project.

Roman numeral analysis

They should look like this if you have the correct font:

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Thank you Dan. This is really nice.


Thank you so much Dan, appreciate it

What a gift! Thanks so much!

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Just a follow-up to say that, if you want Roman numeral analysis, there’s a better way now.