Effect automation in Wavelab 7


I am always mastering in Wavelab, however, I have found out that sometimes some processors (compressors, limiters) have to be automated for some material.
I know it’s possible to automate effects in Wavelab, but the ways I have found of doing it are far from elegant.

What is the best way to automate effects in Wavelab 7?

Thanks in advance!


It is far from elegant, and I’m surprised no one has answered your question. Maybe this forum is not as active as it once was?

It is…Effect Morphing.

Not nearly as nice as the little READ and WRITE buttons in Cubase automation. But, it does get the job done. There is no other automation in Wavelab to my knowledge.

Well, this is true. I always had good things to say about Wavelab’s support and snappy response times. I would expect a reply, especially from PG who seems to support his product exceptionally well. But, maybe he is busy with the NAMM show maybe?

Anyway, what I am trying to do is automate a plugin that will be the last in the chain. More specifically, I want to automate the Dynamic Perception of FG-X which is a great control for achieving perceived loudness but has to be turned all the way down for lower volume passages. So for example if I have a guitar or piano ballad that starts with just piano/vocal, I want the Dynamic Perception all the way down so it does not introduce any artifacts. But I want to dial it up when the chorus arrives. Right now I have found no way to do this in Wavelab, and I really hate mastering in Cubase.

Effect morphing is the only way I know too, but it’s not going to work for the thing I want to do I’m afraid.

The current plugin automation is limited, I must say.
It only works for VST-2 plugins that have a “send” capability.
In that case, activate the “send” check box in the plugin list.
Then you can find in the Envelope menu (in “Focused clip tool window”), an entry for an envelope to control the send level.

I am looking at the new features of Wavelab 8 and I must say I was expecting plugin automation for version 8 of the application.
I have not upgraded yet but this would be a big reason for me to upgrade. PG, Is this a hidden feature by any chance? Or will we have to wait for WL9 to see plugin automation? THis is an essential feature for some mastering situations.

Thank you in advance

There was not enough time to implement it, some choices had to be made. Maybe 8.5, else 9.0.

Thanks for the info Philippe. I hope for 8.5 then :wink:

In the montage you can “automate” plugins by splitting the clip at the point where you want to make changes.
Insert your chain of plugs and set them.
Split the clip and WL copies the chain and settings on the second part of the clip.
Change the setting in the plugins.
Works for me. You can do this as many times as you want in a clip.
Hope this helps.