effect Fade in and out

hi guys,

I wana fade in and out an EQ another effect on a sample. eg. On a kick drum with lenght 250ms to wana get rid of unwanted noises. I’'d like to fadein the EQ at 50ms until end of the sample. if there a way to graphically draw a line or a marker for this behavior in WL?

Didn’t find anything about. Thank you…

Check this maybe:

Thanks mate…

  1. unfortunately it’s a very complicated workflow. Because I want have an effect from a vst fade in and out to the selected waveform area.
    the reason is the additional window, it copies the processed area at first to the clipboard and back.

  2. I cannot zoom into the curve and place points exactly. and when zoom in the main wave window the selection points got a bugy and WL does not start from the correct left location.

Why it’s so complicated? When selecting a wave area make it possible to enable (by an option) fade in/out over draw with some lines an points.
When zoom , fade in and out points zooming along, when changing the selection then the curve points can be stretched. >>>> Or if you have more than 4 points on the curve, then move curve points [0],[1] with the left selection locator, and curve points [.length-0] and [.length-1] with the right selection locator. All curve points in between can be stretched based on the selection length.

For me to fade (graphically) an effect-section directly into the wave area is extremely important. Currently this workflow in WL is a pain to me, and I cannot see to go with WaveLap.

I cannot zoom into the curve and place points exactly

Yes you can. Select the edited range as desired in the main wave window, and the dialog view follows.

Independently from this, why not using the built-in option:

Don’t wana create a new files as the toolbox explains.

Like to have a fade in/out direct inside a selection between locaror L/R and processed with a master chain.

Don’t wana create a new files as the toolbox explains.

No new file is created with these settings: