Effect input gain - Mixconsole

In the Channel Racks section, in the Inserts rack, click a slot and select an effect, or in the Equalizers rack, make your EQ settings.
For some effects you may want to adjust the level of the signal going into the effect. Use the input gain function for this. Press [Shift] or [Alt]/[Option] to adjust the input gain.
Manual p.314

How do I do that?


You find the Input Gain knob either in the Mixconsole in the “Pre” Tab. This tab might not show up by default and you have to activate it in the rack filter.

Or you find it in the channel settings in the EQ lower left side.

p319 in my copy of the manual!

it’s really rather vaguely written and so I’m not quite sure what it means exactly in relation to the input channels that this section is discussing.

If it refers to the pre gain as explained in the previous post there is no need to hold down any key to adjust it.
It also isn’t a knob, it is a slider in C8.
Possibly this is a hangover from previous Cubase when the knob was always visible on the mixer and was locked unless you held down shift (in windows) to stop it being accidentally changed

To be clear if you adjust this level on an input channel it will affect the level you are recording unless you compensate at the plug output.