Effect live recording


I want to to know if it’s possible to record external effect live tweaking without using audiobus.

I record long improvisation jam and prefer, if possible, using IAA.



Hi Actuel,

Please specify the request more in detail.
Regarding supported formats Cubasis provides full Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support.


Hi Lars,

Sorry for the late reply.

I want to record effect changes. When i add an effect on a cubasis effect slot it will not record the effect changes/live tweaking. The current state of the effect is just adding to the track. I want to record effect within the track.

Hi Actuel Virtuel,

Are we talking FX automation here?

If so, please have a look at our Cubasis 2 tutorial, where you will find a short example how to use the included Spin FX effect with automation (move to minute 16:55 of the clip):


Also please have a look at the Cubasis In-app help (chapter “Automation”) to learn more about the topic.

Hope that helps,