Effect send - UR 824

I have a very simple problem in Cubase 7.5.
I have created a FX track and inserted the rev frrm the UR 824. Im not able to send the signal from the audio track to the effect channel. No input visible on the effect track.
I can insert a dynamic effect from the UR 824 so the hardware should be correctly installed.
Looks like a basic routing question?

And: From the audio hardware setup I can adjust the reverb. But how does that relate to the FX channel?

Thanks and best regards


If you want to use the rev-x from the UR824 hardware DSP you have to set up the UR to external FX first. The downside of this will be you can’t then use it when recording, hence the reason they’ve included VST versions of rev-x.

Unless your machine is very very old and underpowered don’t bother using the DSP version when mixing , add the FX track and use the VST version.


Thanks, got it.
Brgds Peter