Effects automation

Hi again,
I tried to automate an insert effect (Waves H-Delay) on a group track but I didn’t find the way to do it…
Any idea?

Hi @arfo1962,

Thanks for your message.

Gave it a short check on the “Drums” group track in the “Smear” demo project:

  • Load “Waves: L1+” as insert effect on “Drums” group track
  • Open L1 user interface and tap “W” button to enable writing automation
  • Start playback and move faders (e.g. Threshold, Out Ceiling)

Here, the faders are moving as expected once done and playing back the track.

Hope that helps!

Stay safe,

Hi Lars,
I tried and it’s ok but I wish I could automate the effect on-off button and I didn’t was able to do it.
Thank you,