Effects (Edit Channel Settings) Button on Mixer Channels

Hi Folks,

Still getting my bearings with the new version, so if my question is obvious (or has already been addressed) I offer apologies.

In 6.5, you could easily tell at a glance which channel used effects or EQ because the “insert state” button would highlight in blue. Bypassing all effects is easily done by clicking that button, which turns yellow. Very easy and very fast.

In v7, the effects are accessed via the “E” button (never mind that I hate all the extra clicking the new plugin system requires - sure miss the fly-out list!). The real problem here is that the button does not show at a glance if plugins are active or bypassed: the button remains gray.

I very much rely on being being able to tell at a glance which channels have plugins. Is this pilot error, an omission, or (God forbid) intentional?

if you have chosen the rack type insert or send your insert and sends are shown at the rack.
On the rack header you can see the status i.e. bypass. Bypass is yellow marked.

yes u can see it,but its not obvious has in C6. need to color it better to distinguish if there is an insert/send etc…activated.
also if the rack is not shown there is no way to see and disable/enable it. in C6 it was next to the fader.easy reach.

Thanks guys!

Wow. Is that supposed to be an improvement? After living with it a little bit, I have real ambivalence about the flow of v7.

I have zero expectation of it ever happening, but it would be fantastic if they could allow muting via the Edit Channel Settings button, instead of forcing people to use the rack (even if they have no regular need for it).