Effects in GA5?

Does anyone know if GA5 will allow you to load in VST plugins? I’m using GA4se and the effects are locked in. If I go to AUX and load in an effect, the list has only 1 reverb and it’s not very good imho. I’d like to be able to use an external reverb w/o having to use the VST output channel.

Or maybe GA5 has a much better reverb now?


I posted this in the German forums where one gent told me that the full version allows you to use VST plugins directly in GA5. However, I’m sort of questioning this as I looked in the manual and found nothing about loading 3rd party vst’s directly into GA5.

In case I’m not being clear I’m asking if I can load IK’s Black 76 into GA5 or do I have to use the output sends and load Black76 in Cubase?