Effects in montage, "track" Vs "Clip". Difference?

In the montage you have the option of inserting effects on the “clip” or the “track”. What exactly is the difference, and if there is a difference what are the advantages or disadvantages of using effects on "clip vs “track” and vise versa? This is in the Audio Montage “effects” window, next to “function”, is “clip” and then “track”, both can have effects inserted. Thanks!

The difference is that when you insert a plug-in on a “clip”, it only affects that one clip…inserting the plug-in on a track, affects all audio and clips/regions on that track.

I can see how this can be a little confusing because in this case, “track” isn’t referring to the “CD track”, but rather to the “multi-track” or “audio lane” as it’s referred to in other mastering software.

I normally arrange a CD by staggering the songs across two stereo tracks, and use the clip mode for effects and plug-ins for each song as needed. Sometimes, you might find a situation where you have a few unique or similar regions that you want to have the same plug-in settings, so rather than have to put the plug-in on each region and set them the same, you can put each of those similar regions all on the same track and then use the track insert feature to affect all regions on that track globally…that way if you are still fine tuning the effect, you don’t have to change each region’s effect, just the one overall track effect.

I use clip 99% of the time but it is nice to have the track option.

Ahhhh I see!!! Now that I understand that makes perfect sense! Very logical way of improving CPU efficiency, by adjusting the work method. Cool! Thanks a bunch!