Effects menu lists do not show unless clicked

I am getting a weird behaviour with the drop down menu from the insert and send fx slots.

The normal behaviour up to now was to click on an insert slot, then a drop down menu would appear, then wherever you hovered the mouse on, a secondary menu would automatically show up, for example if you hovered over Dynamics, all the plugins under Dynamics were showing up in a secondary menu.

Right now I get the behaviour where some menus are opening automatically and some of them have to be clicked to open. This is really irritating as I am used to hover the mouse and select the plugin. Now I have to click to make them show, but it seems like it is random as you can never know which categories will show automatically or which ones you will have to click to make them show.

It seems to happen mostly not on new projects but on projects that are previously saved.

Anyone else having this?

OK, I think I have found the culprit. After noticing that the problem did not happen in all projects, I tried to find out what think was in common in every project which had this problem.

So after a bit of trial and error, I found out that the problem did not occur until I added a PLAY 3 plugin in the project. Even if I have a project without the problem, once I add a PLAY 3 instance, the problem starts.

I am pretty sure it did not happen with PLAY 2, only after the PLAY 3 update.

Anyone else using PLAY and having this?