effects return to the headphones during recording

does anybody have any idea how i can have my vocalist sing with effects without recording them. when i press the monitor button there always seems to be a chorus sounding return to his headphones by default… my singer wants to sing with effects and not dry and eliminate that chorus/delay sound. any help would be appriciated.
cubase 5.5.3
thanks in advance

Record vocal on to one track but route that track’s output to another track with the desired effects. Route that effect track to the output that has the headphones.

im not sure how to do it. could you run me through the process?

The chorus/delay sound is probably the combination of your vocalist listening to a direct monitoring capability from the interface/sound card plus the monitoring through Cubase that you enabled by pressing the monitor button. It’s actually the latency created by the sound card. To avoid this effect, you need to disable one of the monitoring events. In your case, you want to disable the direct monitoring of your interface/sound card and just monitor what’s coming through Cubase. I couldn’t walk you through that process because I have no idea what your setup is.

As far as adding the effects that your vocalist needs without recording them, just set up a track as you normally would for recording. You then have to go to that track’s output (which you may have set for stereo out) and route it to a group track. If you don’t have a group track, you have to create one.
Set up that group track with the desired effects and as long as that group track’s output is set to stereo out or control room out, your vocalist should hear them in his headphones.