Effects Sends

Does anyone else hate the fact that the effects send level disappears when the effects send is switched off?

Makes life really difficult to set the send level on a word on the vocal track that’s automated to come on for a millisecond or two!

Honestly, I don’t mind it. I think I might even prefer it as it’s essentially an additional visual indicator of the status of the send.

In what situations do you do this? I’m kind’a curious…


The singer sings “Let It Out” and I just want the echo repeat on 'Out" I automate the send to come on at the word ‘Out’. Now I need to set the send level on the word ‘Out’ but, Oh it only appears for half a second because of the automation!

Ah, you say, why don’t you set it up then program the automation. Well I just want the word ‘Out’ echoed and hearing the whole line being delayed I tend to air on the side of less. Play it back in the mix and it’s almost impossible to trim, as the send level only appears for half a second!

The old Nuendo 3 (I believe) used to stay on but greyed out - so it was MUCH easier to tweak as the mix was going on!

Does that make sense?

What you’re saying makes sense but why do you not just have the send enabled all the time and then automate the level from -oo to the level you want it for the delay throws?

Ok, I too get what you’re saying but also recommend automating level of send rather than on/off.

In my experience there’s sometimes a problem with on/off automation if there’s signal going though the component. It can cause some really nasty clicks. Perhaps Nuendo is way better at this than other DAW’s but it screwed me up sufficiently before to instead always use volume automation.

But again, I get your point and if that’s the way it worked before it seems like yet another piece of functionality that was changed possibly without telling people…

Thanks for that, but it makes it even less accurate for the delay throws, every one will be at a different level unless I trim the automation on the track info - but then I’m back at square one!

If you want a simple way to put all your delay throws at the exact same volume then simply rubber-band all your level change points, go to the info-line, enter your new value and (here’s the bit which matters) hold down control as you press enter. That will force every selected value to the value you just entered.

I’ve more or less stopped using FX sends and FX for vocal delays. In most cases, it’s much easier and more controllable to copy the vocal track (several times if multi delays are needed) and drag it back by the required amount. Mute the whole clip except for the word(s) you want to hear.


As for your example of having just one work with an echo like “out”, I would just copy the “out” and paste it on its own channel and use the delay on it. No automation needed then, so no muted levels.


That is how I have been doing it for years. I found it easier to keep track of things this way.

Thanks for all the suggestions, wouldn’t it have been easier to keep the send visible instead?