Effects tool window taller than other tool windows

The Effects Tool window is taller than the other windows. When this tool window is removed from a montage, the top tabs can be shortened in height, making the lower tab (wave view) taller. When the Effects tool window is used in a montage, the lower tab (wave view) is shorter in height. See attached pictures.

Is there a way to make the Effects tool window shorter like the other windows?

This is not possible. What is your screen size?

Hi PG,

My screen resolution is 1440 x 900. It’s odd. Without the Effects tool window, I am able to move the divider higher towards the top of the screen. This makes the wave window taller, which I like better (nofx.jpeg). Once the Effects tool window is loaded into the upper section, the divider is lowered, making the wave window (below) shorter (fx.jpeg). All of the other tool windows (clips, files, markers, ect) work as expected, it’s just the effects tool window that cause the resizing and expansion downward. Did you see the attached pictures?



Most windows have a minimum size, according to their content. In your case, this contents should be optionally reduced (eg. the large buttons).

Hi PG,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m not sure what changes need to be made. I looked under Options/Global Preferences/Display. The options are Standard and Standard+1 through Standard+5. I tried each setting and nothing has helped.

Maybe I was not clear. There is currently no option (apart a bigger screen…).

I understand. Thank you.