Effets setup view swtching when changing the audio track selection

Dear all,

Problem description:

I would like to have the possibility when I change from one audio track to another having the configured effects updated on the screen. I was thinking about kind of template view where those effects can be displayed according the setup for each audio track.

Currently its quiet painfull to manage all differents effect views (up to 8) per Audio track when you switch between them.


Do you mean Channel Settings Window follows the Track Selection?

As Martin suggested, changing from one audio track to another will also change the channel settings window.

If you mean changing from one audio track with multiple VST GUIs open to another audio track with different multiple VST GUI’s open, then IMO, your best solution is to create workspaces for every track that has multiple VST GUI’s. In your situation, just creating 8 workspaces won’t take long. Arrange the GUI’s the way you wish and everything is set.

Keep in mind there is no coloration between the focused track and workspaces, but with key commands this is the best work-around I can think of.

It’s a bit of work to initially set them up, but it’s huge pay-back down the road if you are working on a major project.

Hi Martin and Greg,
for your fast feedback.
@Martin, yes you are right in my example its the effect but can be Something else.

@ Greg, ok sounds good I will try to setup this GUI, now as I’m a beginner and unfortenatelly not able to make those changes yet. Actually if there are some tutos helping in GUI config, would appreciate.

If I understood well, there is no way to get those configuration following the tracks which are focued.
Many Thanks in advances


Creating a workspace and achieving what you wish is quite easy. An example for 3 insert effects, Mono delay, Studio EQ, and compressor follows:

  1. With an audio track or instrument track add 3 insert effects.
  2. On the insert, click on the E of each effect to open all 3 effect GUI’s.
  3. Now arrange the effect GUI’s the way you wish for them to be permanently displayed. I usually arrange them from top to bottom just like the order of the inserts.
  4. At the top of the screen go to Workspaces>organize.
  5. Click on add new workspace. Give it a name. Maybe something like “dly>eq>comp.”
  6. Now decide if you want this workspace to be global, meaning available every time you open cubase, or project meaning applies only to a certain project. press ok.
  7. Now you see the workspace listed in the workspace organizer.
  8. Optional: You can assign a key command to each workspace if you wish. the KC limit is 10.
    9 Close the workspace organizer.

Now any time you want to view the delay, EQ and compressor simply open the workspace organizer, click on the name you gave it, and the 3 effect GUI’s appear just as you arranged them. If you wanted to add a GUI to the 3 existing GUI’s, simply add the GUI, arrange it on your display, then go to the top of the screen Workspaces>update workspaces.

IMO this is about as close as you can get to focusing a track and having all effects automatically displayed. It’s a lot more convoluted, but you don’t even need to focus any track. Just click on whatever workspace you desire.

Keep in mind this is just one of many uses. You can use them to save any windows just like you saved effect GUI’s such as key, drum, or sample editors etc. Google Cubase Workspaces and you will find many tutorials.

Good luck!

Many thanks