EFX on the 7.14 master bus

New to DA music mixing. Adding like a spherix plugin on the master DA bus would be great. However, I noticed that the effects only works if added after the DA renderer in the chain.
If I use adm renderer would that not mean the master bus effects will not be included in the render?

If you insert an effect after the Atmos renderer, this effect will not be part of your Dolby Atmos mix. You have to solve this differently. How, this depends on the individual project. Therefore I would have to know more about your project. For example, you can create a 7.1.4 group or FX track and then define them as objects in the renderer. Then, if you created an FX track with reverb, for example, you send everything there via send that should get the reverb. But again, it depends on the Atmos project.