Eight notes tremolos


Now, maybe this has already been solved, but couldn’t find it in search mode.

I’d like to have tremolos among two different eight note written like this.

But in Engraving Options I can only select how to write minims and it doesn’t affect eights.

Any idea?

Input the notes as sixteenths into a 4:8 tuplet. Hide the tuplet definition.

eighth note tremolos.png


I must be really dense today, but I can’t find out how to hide the tuplet definitions. I’ve got a passage that has the eighth note tremolos like this:
Original eighth note tremolos.png
I’ve followed the instructions above and come up with this:
Dorico eighth note tremolos.png
But I can’t for the life of me figure out how to hide the number/bracket. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

And while I’m on the subject, I would really appreciate a better way of handling tremolos that are not half notes. There are many passages in piano music and especially in orchestral string music that use these tremolos. Having to figure out a ratio to use can become quite cumbersome and it seems like there should be a more elegant way of doing it. Thanks!


Hi Joe!

Check the properties panel when you select a tuplet number or bracket :wink:

I guess an image is worth 100 words

Bracket and number - that’s what I was missing! My brain was obviously asleep. Thanks for your help!