Eights equal triplets (swing) - assignment

dear Forum,

how to make the typical swing assignment from a certain part on in a piece.

m1-8 are straight eigths. Then from m9 I would write swingfeel (Two eights notes equal three eighths triplets) I searched a bit and found something about tempo equations. However, I could not find the chance to write two grouped eights on the left equation side there besides a triplet on the right side from the equals sign…

THX for your help!!!

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You can use the Metrico font to create swing indicators pretty easily: see this earlier thread.

For the playback of swing, see this video, or see this page in the Operation Manual, which shows you how to enable swing both for the whole project or for a specific section – make sure you look at the tasks linked at the bottom of the page.

Dear Daniel,

THX. Walked the Metrico way. Perfect!! Cheers BX