Eisa's Melody


Eisa’s name is written on a suitcase in Auschwitz and this melody is dedicated to her.

melancholy AND Daunting work of music. I have been to Auschwitz and felt the pain, thanks for translating into this beautiful tribute.
Since I don’t think we have reviewed each other work figure I would ask if you would mind a few suggestions to get the full effect to Eisa’s story?

Oh what the heck will do it anyway.

First I would assume that is Eisa isn’t or wasn’t a survivor. I would be much more spacious with the Orchestra at begin of piece. Maybe solo Violin or Cello with the beautiful guitars, this would represent a feeling of separation and loneliness. Then build to the other orchestra instruments, (for struggles in camp) but for the ending drop them out to either solo bowed cello or violin to represent the freeing of the soul or even just your great guitar work alone. Not sure what you are using for orchestra but it would have to be a great solo string sound that matches quality of guitar.

I might be getting to thoughtful about it but it is such a wonderful work it deserves perfection :slight_smile:

Thank you Kenny I am afraid I am a little limited on strings in general. If you or anyone else would like to put some strings on this piece just let me know.

I need Itzhak Perlman OK I will have a go at it but if we have a real violin player in the house then please step forward LOL

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Very tasty. I admire your ability to create space within your arrangement for each instrument to have a voice.

Many thanks much appreciated. Best regards,