EL Arousor plugin blacklisted by Cubase AND Nuendo 10. BOTH vst2 and vst3 versions.


Hmm, no problems here with EL Arousor 2.2. Only vst3 installed so maybe that is the key (or maybe win7 vs win10).

Hmm okay, so you’re suggesting getting rid of vst2? I’ll try that.

Okay tried that - didn’t work.

EL gave me the legacy installer for an older version v.21 - and this works.

v2.2 does not work.

Seriously Steinberg…I’m pretty sure alot of these are coming from your side.

No problem with 2.2 here…

Hmm are you on Windows or Mac?

Windows 10

Well f*ck me because I just simply don’t understand why it’s being blacklisted then!

Weird! I’m using the VST3 version only. Perhaps you could do an uninstall, clear all the plugin data and then only install the VST3 one…

yeah I guess. Oh well whatever the current version 2.1 is working now so I don’t wanna mess with it. Thanks for the input anyways.

You can reactivate it easily from the plugin manager.

I can’t. Everytime I do that, Cubase and Nuendo crashes. It’s like as if both policeman (Steinberg) and protester (3rd Party Plugin Vendor) just kills each other