El Cap font size with 7.0.35

Greetings, since the 7.0.35 update introduced compatibility with El Cap I see that Nuendo now uses the system bold font, that is to my eyes, a few sizes off. It makes it rather hard to see text, most notably on clips, the info line and in the export mix down window. The sample and bit depth is so extreme that all numbers almost blur together.

I’ve tested it on our non-retina and retina workstations and both are suffering, maybe the retina even more due to the lack of retina support that makes the bold stand out even worse.

Could I suggest forcing the regular, non-bold font and/or bumping up the font size or kerning to make that information pop out a bit better?

Thanks for hearing me out :slight_smile:

My eyes have certainly gotten much worse during the last two years and I find the new font so much easier to read, especially when I do not have my glasses.


Seems font size and UI size is a hot topic. Seen multiple posts about it, wanted to do my own, but found yours, people asking for it in a “potential 7.5” update and then I found this feature request. Maybe +1 this, too, just to give it some oompf!