El Capitan 10.11 Beta (15A225f) & E Licencer

E Licencer has Stopped working as of this version …

when i open E licences it just flashes that its reading over n over

Yes, you are right! Also in last Beta Version 10.11 Beta (15A244d) it works not correct. It looks like that the system can access just one time the eLicenser and thats it. After unplug and plug a new single access is possible.
Did any one got a solution?

Regards HenSpi

I have the same problem.

I pretty much had to go to the public beta to fix problems with Virus Ti plugin, based on feedback from other users.

Public Beta 4 has broken eLicenser. Public Beta 1 was OK.

As above, first run for eLicenser app is OK. Subsequent runs fail.

Have raised a feedback ticket for Apple.

Happens on both my 2013 MacPro and my 2011 MacBook Pro, so it’s not just a USB3 thing.

For info, iLok2 is also failing.

I’m reading info which says that the problem might be related to the new System Integrity Protection system.

…which can be disabled I think.

Disabled SIP from the recovery system.

Didn’t work.

For info, I used the command-R restore mechanism to roll back to earlier public beta.

eLicenser and iLok are working again.

…and the new Public Beta 5 fixes it too.


So where did you find Beta 5? I’m on beta 4 and there is no update at App Store?

Unfortunately, it got pulled a couple of hours after release.

I grabbed it on my laptop and tested on there, just before it got pulled.


It’s looking good for the next version of El Capitan working OK with eLicenser and iLok though.

…and it’s back up again.

Did a quick test last night. It’s looking OK on a cursory check, running up Cubase.

Bit of a drag, I beta tested on Yosemite and had none of these issues. El Capitan beta 6 is full of audio /USB problems on a Mac Pro 5,1:

Universal Audio drivers are dead and so is any and all UA hardware, including Apollo, PCIe cards etc.
Steinberg eLicenser won’t run properly or see the dongle: CP8, Nuendo 7 Wavelab are all dead.
Running two displays, a Dell and a LH 34" Ultrawide; El Capitan won’t hold the LG and it keeps turning off, difficult to re-wake (unlike Yosemite with no issues).
Other USB audio issues here and there.

PB6 has been fine for me, both audio and USB.

In fact USB hosted MIDI timing has been a big improvement over previous OSX versions.

Cubase running really well.