El Capitan compatibility???

As an electronic technician for over 30 years, I found it a bit embarrassing that I could not get the Cubase LE I got with a new zoom processor to work correctly using the internal audio on my iMac.
After doing all the installation I can open a new project and hear the drum sounds etc. However, all I really want to do at present is to load an existing MIDI file, but I get no audio output at all hopefully having all the correct VST settings etc after spending a whole day on Google. The files play fine on garage band, but not LE, and I found all the Steinberg help and support to be amazingly unintuitive and unnecessary complex for the setup procedure.
Only later did someone mention to me that there is a problem with El Capitan software. Again, I have found all the help information confusing and I’m not sure at the moment if the compatibility issue has been resolved and the problem I have is purely mine, or if LE Will not work with my Mac at present.
Can anybody advise please?


I have a feeling, I already answered this questions in different thread. Am I right?

If not…, check your Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File > Destination. Unfortunately, for Cubase LE, I’m afraid, there is only MIDI Track option in the destination. And you cannot create Rack Instruments in Cubase LE to be able to route these MIDI tracks to the Virtual Instruments.

So, you have to create an Instrument track for every single MIDI track, and shift the MIDI data to the Instrument track.

Of yes, this is the thread.