El Capitan Compatibility

Working fine here on El Capitan with UA Apollo TB as well.

Thanks for sharing PG. That is so interesting!

Just been speaking with a guy that runs another (ie not WL) mastering program on El Capitan.

They found the following: Keep Spotlight disabled and all Energy Saver options set to "never“. Also deactivate Time Machine when doing anything mission critical.

These fixes seemed to dramatically improve stability. I pass them on in case they help anyone.

Good luck!

Have been running El Cap in various environments since the betas. The primary issue in my view - for all applications and in particular re. licensing - is that ElCap has dramatically changed its security features, including no permissions rebuild via Disk Utility, the introduction of SIP (System Integrity Protection) and the removal of the root account. Google that. The Steinberg stuff runs fine on the face of it, but all sorts of problems can arise with 3rd party apps, plugs, VIs, utilities etc depending on how the authorisation scheme works. Am working with a US developer on that problem right now. Otherwise, I find that El Cap does a much improved job of working with the VDUs & GPUs, and especially if the work includes say PhotoShop or various Video NLEs.

Hi All,

I am attempting to use:
Wavelab 8.5 with
El Capitan, Macbook Pro Retina and an Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt 2.

I am experiencing a problem getting my Wavelab to monitor through the Apogee interface. It chooses to playback through my internal speakers on the Macbook. It seems that it may not be compatible with the Thunderbolt 2 connection. Has anyone any clarity on this issue.

I doubt Wavelab cares about what connection an audio interface uses. As long as you assign the correct driver in the ‘VST Connections’ dialog you should be able to use the Apogee.